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Why Choose BiSA?

Our Bearings will outlive you!

• Extending bearing life thus providing significant value for money.

• We maintain a problem-solving culture, extensive experience and an in-depth industry knowledge.

BiSA is independent from any OEM or bearing distributor.

• We are agile and responsive, focusing on our clients’ needs.

• Obtained technology from the USA where it has been applied with great success to the international aviation and aero-derivative industry (one of the most regulated industries in the world) for the past 60+ years.

• As at the 2013 financial year we already returned more than 170 000 bearings to service, resulting in savings in excess of R100 million for our customers.

• Online monitoring of equipment via our trademark Virtual Artisan™ vibration monitoring technology.

• Well established customer base in competitive industries including mining, steel, power generation, paper & pulp, cement, rail, manufacturing, and shipping.

• Detailed reporting and complete bearing history.

• Warranty on both workmanship and materials.

• We offer free operational evaluation of your plant equipment.

• One-stop-shop.

• Fast turn-around times.

• On-going research and development.

• Environmentally conscious in reducing carbon footprints without compromising quality.