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CAT 777 Final Drive Bearing Reclamation Project


Cat 777 dump truck components represent a significant portion of components sent to BiSA for refurbishment.

The design change, whereby the locating slot was removed to allow for a creep fit on the inner ring/spindle made a significant contribution to extending the bearing life and increases the suitability for reclamation due to the spreading of the load.

Planetary gears in older models includes cylindrical roller bearings that run directly on pinion and planetary gears whereby the newer models utilize taper roller bearings that increases the bearing load capacity and also increases the opportunity for re

777 Final Drive bearings represent approximately 25% of our earth moving equipment components reclaimed. Reclamation of a full set of bearings on a CAT777 final drive realises a saving of approximately R40 000.00 which has contributed to an estimated R14 million savings to the earth moving industry.

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