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Dozers Have Been Moving Earth Since 1923


They started out as tractors and evolved into armoured tanks used in World War 1. Since then they have grown more sophisticated and powerful to cater for our ever growing needs in the earth moving industry.

BiSA can boost your Dozer's evolution by giving the bearings more revolutions!

More revolutions out of your bearings can be achieved if you look after your bearings and increase chances for reclamation by conducting regular services, making sure the correct lubrication is applied and by following the correct fitment procedures.

Dozer Final Drive units are very difficult to disassemble without destroying one of the bearings. Common techniques like welding the bearings out are being used for removal of the bearings and are detrimental to refurbishment.

Our knowledgeable service technicians are available to assist and give advice to ensure an optimum opportunity to save both bearings in a final drive.

Successful recertification on a set final drive bearings in a D11 can realize approximately R70 000.00 savings.