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Bearing Fitment & Removal

At BiSA we understand the value of bearings but more importantly the value of lost production due to bearing or equipment failure.

Bearing failure can be due to the following:
• Improper/incorrect fitment and mounting of bearings,
• Incorrect or low maintenance of bearings and relevant equipment,
• Improper use of equipment i.e. overloading.

The fitment and removal process of bearings plays a key role in the optimal performance of bearings and also the ultimate bearing life achieved.

The cost of the actual bearing(s) is a small factor considering the value of the equipment it operates in. A failed or failing bearing poses a significant risk to damaging the equipment, which can lead to downtime and eventually loss of profit.

BiSA offers the value-added service of proper bearing fitment and removal. We have formulated meticulous, well-defined, proven and safe working procedures for the proper fitment and removal of any bearing regardless off its size and location.

The benefits of utilising BiSA for your bearing fitment and removal:
• Proven, qualified working procedures,
• No risk of component damage,
• Maximised bearing life,
• Correct tooling and equipment for the fitment and removal process,
• Potential savings on removed bearings for reclamation,
• On-site capabilities – We come to you!
• Fitments and removal by experienced and qualified technical staff.

By utilising BiSA’s bearing fitment and removal services, clients save up to 75% when considering the cost of replacing equipment when bearings or equipment have been damaged during incorrect fitment or removal procedures.