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Virtual Artisan™ Asset Management Solutions

Today BiSA has a highly trained and well-equipped team of technical experts and assistants who is actively involved in the servicing of plant and equipment for the steel, platinum and gold mining industry. Coupled with our own in-house developed Virtual Artisan™ vibration monitoring technology, BiSA is able to monitor customers plant and equipment on a 24/7 basis, provide early warning of potential failure and stand ready to assist with breakdowns to minimize downtime on plant and equipment.

Our Virtual Artisan™ asset management solution is an early warning system measuring the vibration levels on rotating machinery. Measurements can be expanded to include temperature, flow and proximity. The data captured is then sent to the web server where various alarm and reporting functions are performed. The system allows for set-point alarms to be configured and notifications can be sent via e-mail or SMS to clients.

The added value to our clients
An intimate knowledge about the client’s application allows us to make a judgment favouring the best interests of both production and maintenance divisions.
The BiSA technical team are specialists in ensuring that both life and the quality of bearings are maximized to ensure that the end user has the total benefit of critical asset management.
We strive to eliminate unplanned stoppages, breakdowns and production losses.
We monitor, we service, we inspect to reclaim!

The Key to Asset Management
Asset management relies on accurate data to analyse history and provide more realistic runtime data. The data allows for realistic warnings of upcoming service intervals, and provide information for root-cause analysis on defects.

The availability of maintenance information in real-time is crucial to the Production team of any company. This information will not only assists them with their goals in terms of output, quality and waste, but also acts as a reminder of future maintenance commitments and to assist in planning tasks opportunistically and realistically.

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